Aiming to create a space where art of any medium could be contemplated, INJA Gallery was founded by Saber Abar in the autumn of 2018, with Shahed Saffari as its director. INJA Gallery is a place where art can be observed, a place where artworks influenced by time, society, and the world are put on display, regardless of the artist’s background.
INJA holds both group and solo exhibitions; the first with works from artists of different generations chosen based on a specific theme, and the latter by prioritizing artists who showcase their work for the first time. The gallery’s focus is on Iranian art inspired by old styles of persian painting and still life, with most of its solo exhibitions revolving around these two subjects.
INJA Gallery was first situated in a century-old house in Tehran’s Neauphle-le-Château St., with the house’s unique ambiance playing an important role in the choice of artworks displayed: small rooms, long corridors and interwoven spaces where visitors were faced with a new type of experience. This venue played host to a total of 19 exhibitions. The gallery’s new space is also an old house in Tehran’s Mirzaye Shirazi St., with its activities having begun in July 2020.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean