Tania Assl

Exhibited Artist

Tania Assl was born in Tehran in 1984 and has a BA in Filmmaking from the Iran University of Broadcasting. Prior to her studies, she was active as a painter and also worked professionally as a graphic designer.

“Hoorno” is Tania’s second collaboration with INJA Gallery. In traditional Iranian architecture, ‘hoorno’ is defined as lighting provided through the ceiling. This series consists of seven works, all designed and created with this concept as their central theme.

Her last exhibition, “The Azure Dome”, was held in 2019. In continuing with the theme of domes, she has created “Hoorno”, now focusing on shadows more than light itself.

Hoorno29 October — 12 November 2021
The Azure Dome29 November — 20 December 2019
Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean