Solo Exhibition By Alee Rafiee14 to 28 January 2022

The series, entitled ‘Aleph’, is in fact the result of a process of expansion of a primary form in order to create an extensive and diverse space, a space whose components all bear the same visual gene. Themes such as architecture, trees, or flowers become platforms to exhibit innumerable forms which all stem from one initial form; these forms facilitate improvisation in drawing while also having the potential, due to their similar genetic structure, to be arranged alongside each other in order to design a space.

This series was created in line with a previous concept for the design of a series of Arabic letters. Viewing letters as images, and not as standardized shapes, and drawing them as such moved them beyond their realm of functionality; in this way, a series of letters (from ‘aleph’ to ‘ya’) and their combinations became the nucleus for the creation of a system of form generation, where every letter and its derivative forms became building blocks for the design and definition of the series.

Houses, and more generally cities, are the first things “drawn” by humans, thus making them as ancient as mankind itself, with this being a perpetual process of creation. In terms of design, nothing reflects human existence better than architecture, and mankind depends on no creation more than architecture, “utopia” being his most impossible desire.

About Artist

Alee Rafiee was born in Tehran in 1980 and he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from Shahed University’s College of Art.

The series, entitled ‘Aleph’, is Alee’s first solo exhibition and is the result of five years of work on the notion of letters and consists of 21 works of pencil, colored pencil, and gold leaf on cardboard, in different dimensions.

Following graduation, Alee more specifically focused on graphic design and it was this interest that led to his passion for utilizing letters in the realm of drawing.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean