Algebra and Probability

Solo Exhibition By Faezeh Baharlou4 to 14 February 2022

“Algebra and Probability” is the fifth solo exhibition and the first collaboration of Faezeh Baharlou with INJA Gallery.
In this series, Faezeh endeavors, through her unconventional arrangements, to place objects and natural elements of our environment, including plants and animals, alongside symbols of human life and civilization, thus portraying a world that lingers on the verge of suspension, between nature that is dynamic and one that is still. With this approach, by focusing on the fundamental concept of determinism (‘algebra’) which has stood in contrast to the notion of free will throughout human existence, she suspends this algebra against the probability of change in existential conditions, toward being an object or gaining life.
The “algebra and probability” ironically mentioned in the title of this series refers to two fields of mathematics which, contrary to many of life’s events, always possess the potential for predictability and certainty in their equations.
However, these equations have still not removed mankind’s fundamental doubts and have not yet put an end to the concerns we have. This irony can also be seen in the composition of the works in this series, especially where we view humans and the objects of their civilian lives in a situation of destruction and transformation into a part of nature void of identity. Algebraically or probabilistically, there is no such certainty …

This series consists of twenty paintings of acrylic and mixed media on canvas and cardboard, in various dimensions.

About Artist

Faezeh Baharlou was born in Ahvaz in 1988 and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Art University of Isfahan and a Master’s in Illustration from the Tehran University of Art.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean