Solo Exhibition By Shohreh Haghighi18 to 28 February 2022

Human nature consistently strives for immortality. From the day we came to know ourselves, we have been constantly looking for signs that would help us define who we are and lay the groundwork for long-term survival. No matter the temperament and disposition one possesses, we, as humans, have always envisioned survival. This perpetuity sometimes comes in the form of a symbol carved in the depths of a dark cave, or as an astonishing architectural creation of colossal dimensions; today, this may be an audio file recorded and sent to another planet.
What is it about the notion of being and permanence that has kept the deepest layers of human existence engaged since the dawn of time?
When you are no longer here, what difference does it make if remnants of you continue to linger in the dusty halls of a museum? This present collection aims to explore an ancient perception in the critique of the “sanctity of immortality.”
Whatever it is, it remains an insatiable, appealing, and narcissistic desire that gives meaning to pleasure.

Shohreh Haghighi
Winter 2022

About Artist

Shohreh Haghighi was born in Karaj in 1980 and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Handicrafts from Tehran’s Payame Noor University and an Associate’s degree in Graphic Design from Sooreh University.
Shohreh is a member of the Iranian Ceramic and Pottery Society and has thus far held numerous workshops on ceramic design in Tehran and Shiraz.
“Confrontation” is Shohreh Haghighi’s first solo exhibition. She has also taken part in a number of group exhibitions and biennials abroad.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean