Solo Exhibition By Zahra Qarakhani15 to 29 January 2021

“Edges” is the result of contemplation during the past 18 months, mostly coinciding with the unprecedented conditions of the imposed quarantine. Observing the effects of light and darkness on the spaces between masses and volumes created by trees and buildings in different landscapes was a good excuse for this experimentation. The question was how one can obtain a new atmosphere by manipulating the origin, direction, color and relations of light and darkness in representation. This was also a visual effort to include other senses in the experience, in addition to sight; in such a way that one could speculate about the humidity, temperature and maybe even smell of a space merely by observing it, or just experience a delicate new sensation.

The way one depicts the edges of shapes, such as the edges of trees or buildings in relation to each other and to the horizon, as an abstract form, can lead to the creation of different meanings; a meaning that can give life, making a dream reality.

Zahra Gharakhani
Winter 2021

This exhibition is held in cooperation with Emrooz Gallery.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean