Recent Works

Solo Exhibition By Parvaneh Etemadi27 December 2019 to 7 January 2020

Selected by Ali Bakhtiari

Parvaneh Etemadi permanently expressed a deep concern in exploration and challenge of the material in of her worksin more than 5 decades of her artistic career . From rigidity of cement surfaces to minimal representations of objects on coarse pastel paper, from juxtaposition of her strong strokes of pencil on blank papers to fragmentation of their textures to her famous collages, she has examined different disciplines such as animation, installation, print making and artist book.
In her recent works, Etemadi has used the plain pieces of color paper to create extraordinary compositions. Papers are mostly torn by hand and by using some basic tools of such as scissors and paste, the coarseness of her mise-en-scenes transform into delicate landscapes. With a new atmosphere in representing the concept of “presence” through elimination and stylization of forms and objects, Etemadi has created her new still life works.
Etemadi’s recent serigraphs are a revision of her early works with a new composition of color palette, published by ABBookness.

Ali Bakhtiari
December 2019

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean