Solo Exhibition By Farbod Ahmadvand31 January to 14 February 2020

In/Ja Gallery presents Farbod Ahmadvand’s recent collection titled “Things” on the 31st of January. Farbod’s still life drawings guide our attention to the small objects that we carefully and obsessively collect in various stages of our lives. Things that surround us either by our choosing or as gifts and souvenirs.

Describing the inspiration behind the collection Farbod states: “Time with its relentless pace has limited our ability to see, every day we gaze at a small magical box and swipe through thousands of photos without a moment of hesitation and thought, heedless of what is passing beyond our gaze at the same moment, unaware of what is real and enchanted by its opposite.

All that surrounds us, from the smallest to the largest objects, are a silent narrator on the lives and experiences they have witnessed. When someone moves from a place to another, little by little they forget what home means, so in order to remember they carry little things to remember home, mostly small objects which house big memories, to access all those good feelings all one has to do is to pay them attention.

Such as dolls in the forgotten corners of all of our homes, gathering dust over time are a reminder of innocent memories. This collection of still life drawings is comprised of everyday objects that have stories for me and perhaps others to hear. “

Farbod Ahmadvand was born 1985 in Tehran and lives and works in Venice. He holds two BAs in painting, one from Azad University in Tehran and another from the Venice Academy of Fine arts where he has received a master as well in Graphic design. He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Italy. “Things” is his sixth solo exhibition and first collaboration with the In/Ja gallery.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean