Till Daylight

Solo Exhibition By Fataneh Foroughi30 October to 13 November 2020

Born in 1986 in the city of Tehran, Fataneh Foroughi holds a Master’s degree in Painting from the Art University of Isfahan and a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Zahedan Art University. She obtained her high school diploma in the field of graphic design in the city of Rasht.
In addition to three solo exhibitions, she has taken part in more than 15 group exhibitions.
Her last exhibition, entitled ‘Whatever is Here With Me’, was held at INJA Gallery in the winter of 2019. ‘Till Daylight’ is her second collaboration with INJA Gallery, consisting of 25 oil paintings in different dimensions. The principal theme of Fataneh’s works is a focus on light at different hours of the day and how it affects her life and surroundings.

Till Daylight
Seconds, minutes, and hours create the image we have of time. These metrics of time scatter fragments of age over all there is. Yet, focusing solely on the quantitative aspect of time reduces life to merely being alive and we forget that life is based on experience and meaning. What is qualitative is the meaning of time itself, what we can call the “moment”. Sunrise and sunset are moments in time, as are moments of encounter, longing, and goodbye. Just as time is an agent of neglect, moments serve as reminders.
One can experience the stagnant, programmed time of the outside world in parallel with the events of one’s own universe; the inspirations for our paintings can be those moments that have a consistent, meaningful presence in our daily lives. These paintings strive to chronicle moments, not through excited and emotional brushstrokes, but rather with a serene, measured juxtaposition of colors.
“Till Daylight” is a companion of the “moment”, in sync with the silence and tranquility of night, itself a soundless moment awaiting sunlight.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean