Whatever is here with me

Solo Exhibition By Fataneh Foroughi11 January to 1 February 2019

For me flowers and objects are active. They have a will and are transitory. Drawing what I see in my surroundings, my companions, in order to give them a voice is a way to understand life. Following this, I have not sought out antiques or very useful objects that hold the definitions of social and cultural life. Subjects must sit with me and be comfortable. They must harmonize with light and the existing circumstances. Direct daylight or extreme nocturnal darkness transform their meaning, and with the absence of humans, seem to be more important than they are. In order to give meaning or better understand, I rearrange their situational positions and at times find objects to accompany them. I sat before them for hours and hours and just looked at them.

These works attempt to portray the everyday from a seemingly neutral point of view. At a place where people are not the center of the universe, but just creatures amidst other creatures and objects.

Fataneh Foroughi
Winter, 2018

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean