Negar Farajiani

Exhibited Artist

Negar Farajiani was born in the Iranian city of Yazd in 1977. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from the Tehran University of Art in 2000.

Negar is an interdisciplinary artist who uses a variety of mediums to portray different layers of Iranian life, both private and public aspects, in her works. Since 2011, the principal focus of her activities has been on the management of interactive/collaborative projects such as “Tehran Monoxide”, “Made in China”, and “The Destination Known”.

Negar’s works have been exhibited at Depo Istanbul, the Centre for Contemporary Art at Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Mariane Ibrahim Gallery in Seattle, and at the Artissima Art Fair in Italy. She has also been awarded an art grant from the Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Exchange in Chicago and the Cheryl & Richard Ruszat Scholarship from the University of California – Irvine.

Her other activities have included collaboration with Apexart in New York, with the Komuna Warszawa performing arts theater in Poland, and with the 8th and 9th editions of the Persbook Project. She has also presented her projects at the Seattle Art Museum, Yale University, the University of Massachusetts, the University of California – Irvine, and at the Tehran University of Art.

Artissima 20215 — 7 November 2021
Tattered Masterpieces23 July — 6 August 2021
Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean