Absent Presence

Solo Exhibition By Saghar Pezeshkian19 November to 3 December 2021

The realm of the absent presence of man and the perceptible presence of objects and their integration with the element of imagination leads me to a subconscious mind which binds me to a memory I share with the people of my land; the flight of imagination within nothingness and the discovery of a naked truth, enabling me to reach the world of reality. Absentees whose presence throughout a work is more vivid than acquired existence, whose role is more influential than our intuitive understanding, with conventional sight lacking the ability to recreate their existential truth.

Focusing on silence and the symmetrical contrast between tangible reality and the subconscious mind reveals the varied essence of each image and provides a function different from what we merely observe; through it, we reach an obscure space more familiar than reality, closer than us to ourselves. Sensation modifies the rules of the game and the choice of imagery breaks down alliance or contrast with the ideal image, displaying a moment more real than reality itself.

Beyond doors and windows, I invite you to a world where light replaces darkness and hope takes the place of the obscurity of the weariness of dreams unrealized.

My world is the attainment of light, one that is the ultimate fate of our universe.

About Artist

Saghar Pezeshkian was born in Tehran in 1962 and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Painting from the Beaux-Arts de Paris. She began her professional activities after completing her studies in 1990, activities which include teaching at universities, visual arts schools, and in her personal studio.

Thus far, Saghar has held 9 solo exhibitions, in addition to taking part in more than 15 group shows in Iran and abroad. “Absent Presence” is her tenth solo exhibition and her first individual collaboration with INJA Gallery.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean