Solo Exhibition By Farnaz Rabieijah15 February to 8 March 2019

Re- collection is the continuance and return to my last collection titled The Spinning Plate where the elements of human existence and our presence in the cycle of life was on my mind. In this collection, my emphasis is on the repetitive meaning in this concern.

Life and nature are piled high with repetition and we know them by their many faces. The repetition of day and night, the seasons of nature. The repetitive reproduction of species, of creating new generations and history. The everydayness of each day and the self which each day manifests as a new self which is just repeating what it had been just like the flowing of a river.

Repetition creates memories; a return to the past and the opposite. It is a forward moving process. An expression of the passage of time. A continuous and uninterrupted process.

Roots, branches, flowers and petals are all various parts of the life cycle of a plant which like all living things depends on type, gender, species and has had these special idiosyncrasies, a specific being whose presence in this collection emphasizes this subject; the struggle for the survival of humanity and the different eras of their lives which are always repeated differently.

Design+Code: Hamid Shavarean